Panter and Kelly Financial oversees more than $700 million in corporate pension assets and has partnered with SEI Investments (Nasdaq: SEIC) to provide our clients with some of the best pension solutions in the industry today. SEI is the leading “Manager-of-Managers” in the United States, and currently manages over $200 billion in investment assets.


We would enjoy the opportunity to meet with your team, and a 90 minute meeting with executive management is generally sufficient to present our pension solutions.


Defined Benefit Plans


Our turnkey solution can be easily adapted to the unique requirements of any business, and is among the most cost-effective in the market today.


In today’s business climate, a properly structured and managed defined benefit plan is critical to a company's financial health. Our solution enables clients of any size to realize significant cost savings, improved risk-management and investment diversification, while relieving company personnel of considerable administrative and fiduciary responsibilities – allowing them to focus on their core business mission.


Fiduciary Responsibility - SEI shares fiduciary responsibility with a company’s leadership by assuming many of their current responsibilities, as regulatory scrutiny has increased. This frees a company's board and management from spending time on ongoing investment supervision and potential manager changes, while still guiding their overall investment strategy.


Diversification / Pricing - Our economies of scale allow an entity of any size to diversify their investments among 45 of the country’s leading managers – many of whom require minimum investments of $10 million to $100 million each. Given the size of SEI’s asset base, their pricing is also better than even the largest plans can receive on their own.


Bundled Solution - We offer a “bundled” solution which includes many of the services currently provided by numerous individual consultants - each hired at additional expense. This leads not only to financial savings for our clients, but also to savings in administrative time.


Pension Modeling - Our proprietary SEI modeling system which our clients have found invaluable, and is now being used by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) to evaluate the effects of pension reform measures. This model allows clients to evaluate the effects of their pension decisions, investment performance, interest rate changes and other factors on their overall financial health, and to implement risk management strategies.

It provides results in real time, without the necessity of engaging an actuary or other consultant to perform these tasks at considerable expense.